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Triple Chocolate Mousse

This dessert is a hit at Los Altos de Eros! Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a chocolate menage á troi!


Ingredients (serves 10- cut recipe in half for 5 servings) 


10 pieces of chocolate cake cut in cylinder shapes. (Follow chocolate cake recipe from Drunken Fruit Chocolate Cake)

Dark chocolate Mousse:

1 1/2  cups dark chocolate chips or chunks

5 egg whites

1/4 cup powdered sugar

5 tbs of heavy cream

3 gelatin sheets

White chocolate Mousse:

1 1/2  cups white chocolate chips or chunks

5 egg whites

1/4 cup powdered sugar

5 tbs of heavy cream

3 gelatin sheets


Wrap the chocolate cake with waxed paper to form a cylinder, use tape to seal the cylinder and refrigerate.


To prepare both the white and dark chocolate mousse, place the chocolate chips in a pot along with the heavy cream on the stove at low heat until it melts. Place the gelatin sheets in water for about 30 seconds or until they soften and then blend with the melted chocolate using the electric mixer at medium speed .  Refrigerate for 30 min.


Serving option:  stack a layer of each mousse over each wrapped cylinder cake, then remove the wax paper.






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